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Founded in 2011, we had a very specific goal in mind: to create better opportunities for children in the farming community. This being a rural area with limited access to basic facilities, we decided to intervene.

  • Pre-school children are the most vulnerable. Their parents often work full time and they are left with family members who cannot give them the basic pre-school stimulation needed.
  • Children reach school age without the necessary level of emotional and/or physical development and never catch up.
  • Very few children from this community complete or even attend secondary school.

2011 to 2013 can best be described as a process of trial and error! Several projects did not succeed even though they clearly tackled a serious need.

  • We managed a swop shop to provide children with useful and educational items in exchange for recyclables
  • We often arranged outings for inspiration and motivation
  • We started a cross-country club for physical development

The participation of children was great, yet projects had a “charity” flavour to them and too few adult community members were involved.  This was not conducive to sustainable development and transformation.

The Early Childhood Education Centre opened its doors in February 2014 with a re-formulated goal: to assist and empower the community to work together and to tackle personal problems head-on instead of relying on initiatives from third parties. These initiatives often include a culture of hand-outs that does not encourage people to take ownership.

The educators-in-training are ladies from the farming community, most of whom had been unemployed before joining the programme. They are our agents of change that open pathways to other projects.

Our Vision

A dynamic, developing community who accepts ownership for a future filled with hope.

Our Mission

Community transformation in the Paardeberg through education, empowerment and exploration:

  • Education:
    Early Childhood Development Centre and educational activities with the primary school children.
  • Empowerment:
    Training for educators and parents so that they can guide and empower children and become the agents of change in the community.
  • Exploration:
    Outings, events and camps that help children and other community members to develop self-assurance and a more positive personal vision.

After Covid, and the economic effect it had on the environment, many of the farmworkers in this area have been moving to town and the number of children on the Paardeberg has been falling since 2021. It is time to redefine our projects and it seems, our main focus area too… time to follow the children.

We have an excellent pre-school programme and there is a dire shortage of preschools in the more disadvantaged areas of Malmesbury. We are therefore in the process of obtaining land and building a new school in town, with the goal of opening this school towards middle 2024.

The preschool has proven to be a most efficient tool in community transformation and we are looking forward to this new challenge, with all its possibilities.