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We facilitate sustainable community development through education and empowerment.

“I have come that you may have life; and life in abundance.” –  John 10:10

A “hand out” culture is strongly discouraged! Growing self worth and taking ownership of your life choices are key components in the process towards empowerment.

Projects are supported generously and in line with their goals. All participants are encouraged to contribute what they can and to accept ownership in ever-growing measure.

Participation does not imply receiving only; participation requires both giving and receiving.

All the educational projects include empowerment of local people within the community and therefore most projects develop slowly.  We focus on developing depth rather than working on rapid expansion.

An incentive can only succeed when a growing number of people within the community believes in it and several work together to realise it.  Projects are therefore phased out when the participants do not commit and/or do not accept growing responsibility for the maintenance of them.

Every person has an inherent value and an important role to play in this model to ensure sustainability and a project must be developed in such a way that this sense of ownership is triggered within a commonly-agreed-on period of nurturing.

All the people within our farming community (landowners, employers, farm workers, children) are invited to participate – each one according to his/her own capacity and ability.  It takes a village to raise a child.

We strive to instill and maintain a standard of excellence since this is the only standard that inspires.

“People stop trying when there is no benefit for being exceptional and no consequence for being mediocre.” – Frank Sonnenberg