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A gift that liberated an old dream

Our preschool kids are treated to stories and books every day, because we have a well-stocked and well-loved bookshelf at school.  They do need to hear stories from their parents too though… and their parents do not have access to a library.

In September this year, at the launch of their new book “Poenankies”, the very inspiring Milan Murray and Charmaine Nolte chose Onse School for a wonderful gift: a small library called “Biblio’kie” and 80 books.  It is best described in Afrikaans: “tog te poenankies”.  This very compact but sturdy shelf with books was exactly what we needed to get a new project going: a library for the Onse Skool parents to come and take out a book to read with their preschool child.  We are in the process of labelling and covering the books and working out a system of library bags and library cards, but all indications are that we will be ready to get going during the first months of 2020.

We would also like to do a short course with our parents in how to read to these small people in a warm and lively and engaging way – and so one good idea leads to another.  Who knows where this chain of good ideas will lead us? This we do not know, but we do know where it started: with a lovely, inspiring gift!

Murray and Me
Pictures: Lizelle Lotter