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First Grade R Graduation

We had our first Grade R class in 2018!  Since there is a primary school with Grade R facilities on the mountain, the kids who do this level with us are those who need after school care and who live within the 5 km range that excludes them from WCED transport to school… but 4.5 km can be way too far to walk if you are 5 years old and do not have someone responsible who can walk with you.  This often leads to many children not attending Grade R at all.

The small class of 8 allowed us to give very special attention to the kids and all of them were able to do basic reading and writing at the end of the year – all of this mastered in the best way a child can learn: with lots of laughter and fun.

Graduation was a day of celebration and we were all so proud of these boys and girls who are still so very small, but already so self-assured and pleased with what they can do and with whom they are.  May their futures protect this potential and sense of worthiness.