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A New Song

Our end-of-year guitar concert  gave no sign of the difficulties this group and their  teachers had to face and overcome in 2018.  We had great plans for different activities with the primary school children in the beginning of the year: guitar classes, a reading room and chess.  A few months into 2018 we lost the access to classroom spaces that we had used for this purpose and the lack of space meant the end of most of the activities.  The guitar lessons did continue after a few months when the farm Boesmansfontein offered their church house and even though the group had to be limited, the children were enthusiastic and made excellent progress… and so we could end the year’s programme with a wonderful concert on the veranda of our preschool on the farm Welgelegen.

What an occasion it was!   Every one of the guitar students participated and all their parents and admirers turned up for a wonderful summer’s evening of music with much applause and many proud faces.   There is so much undiscovered talent in our community; so many possibilities we must still explore.  An evening such as this encourages everyone to keep on going and to never give up.  We are all quite sure that one day, when we have a safe and big enough space where the instruments can be stored and more children can practise, we will still remember this first concert as one of the music team’s finest moments.